by Dr David R.Banni of World Organization for Medical Aid,Corp (WOMA CORP) ( 26-Aug-2016 )

Studies have demonstrated an actual shortage of medical doctors in the US and worldwide.This need or gap will worsen by 2020 if no aggressive actions are taken.When the US's sneezing because of this fact,the rest of the world's caughing.
Our goal at WOMA CORP is to help fight the shortage of medical doctors here and abroad.This program was created to help win this fight and we can't succeed without the public help.
Indeed,donations and contributions make us strong and to successfully achieve our non-profit goals.The WOMA CORP MEDICAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM was created in 2013.

On August 26,2017 we are celebrating the program's 2nd edition in Washington,DC,during a fundraising Dinner-Gala.Schoalrships and Awards shall be offered to recipients.The event's open to the general public.

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