Allergy and Cold

by Maher Nashed MD of Nasheds PA ( 27-Apr-2017 )

Is it cold or allergy.

Both can have similar symptoms but there are main differences

If you have a cold

  1.            You get fever, generalized aches and pain. These don’t happen with allergy
  2.           Sore painful throat usually comes with the colds.
  3.           They often take several days to show up after exposure to a virus/cold.
  4.           Colds tend to occur in the winter.
  5.           The symptoms of a cold typically last three to 14 days.
  6.           The nasal discharge might have a color.

If it is allergy you usually get

  1.           You get itchy eyes.
  2.           They are seasonal.
  3.          Symptoms occur immediately after exposure to pollens in spring, summer or fall.
  4.          Allergy symptoms last longer, usually for weeks.
  5.          The nasal secretion is usually clear.

Common symptoms between both

  1.        Sneezing
  2.        Runny nose
  3.        Stuffy nose
  4.        Cough , but it is more common with colds
  5.        Fatigue and weakness (Sometimes)

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