Finding a Qualified Electrician for Your Electrical Needs

by Art Gibb, freelance writer on behalf of Advanced Electrical Services of Seneca, Inc. ( 15-Jan-2013 )

Electricity is everything in America; very few people can fully function without access to electricity. All aspects of human life depend on electrical continuity: transportation, storage, light, heat, cooking, and air conditioning. Without access to electricity, civilizations die; this is why finding the right electrician in Seneca, SC is an important task. Whether you need faulty wiring fixed or are contracting a large project, there is only one electrician that fits your requirements.

Experience and Quality

Every electrical job requires some amount of experience, but no two electricians have the same skills and experience. Some jobs require low skill levels, such as fixing and installing simple light fixtures, while others require a great deal of experience and skill, such as planning out and installing electrical devices throughout an entire house. You want to make sure that you are selecting an electrician with the appropriate amount of experience for your job. Visit their website to see if they include electrician profiles that provide work experience, training, and apprenticeship completion if applicable. Visit review sites such as Angie’s List to see if your potential electrician received good reviews from previous customers. Ask your friends and family for their suggestions on electricians as well.


A good electrician will make sure that everything is perfectly clear to you. If your electrician is for a quick-fix, ask them questions about the procedures they will use and when you should expect them to be finished. If you are contracting for a large project, negotiate the contract to fit your needs. Ask for an estimate to include: price, procedures, supplies, and end date. If you are paying for supplies, make sure that all receipts are presented before you pay. Never sign a binding contract unless you understand all the factors and risks.


As with most construction based jobs, accidents do happen; electrically induced injuries are some of the most severe and deadly. Make sure that your contractor has liability and workman’s compensation insurance so that you can’t be held responsible for any injuries that occur. Read up on your state’s safety regulations and be sure that your contractor is state certified. For most cases, you can be present while your electrician works; however, stay out of their way and let them do their job to reduce the risk of accidents. For the more severe jobs you may be required to leave the premises for safety reasons. Unless you are trained to work with electrical devices, never attempt to install, fix, or upgrade the wiring in your home as this can cause fatal accidents to occur. Always make sure that you get a professionally trained electrician in Seneca, SC to do your work for you.

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