Finding the perfect color for your home.

by Susan Marion of Murals & More ( 27-Apr-2017 )

Finding the perfect color for your home can be a scary, overwhelming process for so many people. The color swatches at the paint store may appear lighter or darker than they do when painted on your wall.  The important thing to understand is that every color has an undertone. Gray can be cool with a blue undertone, or warm with a brown undertone.  The best way to see what type of undertone a color has is to compare it to other colors, everything is relative. An offwhite may not look like it has much color until it is placed next to a pure white.  It's also important to consider the lighting in the room.  A rich cream may appear washed out in a light-filled kitchen, and dramatically darker in a study with little natural light. When deciding what color to choose, start with what colors are in your floor. What are the wood tones in the room? What colors are in your rug, couch, curtains, granite?  Start with the permanent things in your house that won't be changing. You should think about what color inspires you and makes you feel good, afterall it is be your living space.  By choosing a color that compliments what you already have, you are building harmony or color flow in your home.  If you still find this process to be overwhelming, hire a color consultant.  It will save time, money and aggrivation.  Either way, considering these options will guide you down the path of creating a beautiful color palette for your home. 

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