It's who we are "LineX of Indy"

by Luci Smith of Line-X Of Indy Truck Accessories & Jeep Store ( 26-Aug-2016 )

Here at LineX of Indy on Moller & 86 Street we work to keep our customers happy.  Over 10 years we have been known as Line-X of Indy, LineX-Indy, Indy Line-X, LineX of Indiana and LineX of Indianapolis.  There are over franchises in Indianapolis but we are known for our custom Line-X advance work with the public as well as industrial customers.  A long with the only LineX bus, Hangout Limo we have completed many specialty vehicles including a full Line-X military truck.  We take pride in doing special jobs where customers work with us.  

It's time to think out of the box.  Line-X for many years has only been known for bed-liners but there are several formulas of Line-X that may be used for coating wood, plastic, foam and many other surfaces.  If you go to the Children's Musemum in Indianapolis you will find many ways Line-X has been used.  Here at Line-X of Indy we have Line-X motorcycles, ATVs, wave runners and event patio furniture.  If you want to prolong of life of any item you think of, why not ask us?  We get all kinds of questions on Line-Xing items.  

What is even better than Line-X you ask.  Well we have a great answer, it's Line-X in color.  Yes you read this right.  Line-X comes in any color you want.  Line-X of Indy has even done 17 foot high birthday candles in several colors for the Children's Musemum.  We have done vehicles in multiple colors from truck, cars to Jeeps. 

If you think we're crazy you might be right.  Check out some of our videos on You Tube, just search for Line-X of Indy and you'll see.     Call us for more information at (317) 228-0123.

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