Three dog breeds that are prone to back problems

by Beverly Spencer of LLC ( 27-Apr-2017 ) The most common disability that people purchase a dog wheelchair for is a dislocated or herniated disk.   The number one breed that this happens to, in our experience be Dachshunds. Their long backs make them prone to back issues. The good thing though about Dachshunds is their tenacious nature. This helps them overcome their disability. They just don’t quit. Other small dogs that have longer backs also have similar problems.

In our experience the second most affected dogs are Chihuahua’s we believe the in breeding and activity level of these little dynamo’s cause their injuries. You just can’t keep them down they are jumping all over the furniture and etc. This is adorable and entertaining but can cause injuries. Plus many are born with deformed legs causing a disability from birth. We have seen many especially front leg deformities.

Pugs are next they suffer from hip dysplasia. This causes the need for a rear leg wheelchair quite you want to make sure your dog wheelchair has adjustable rear legs so you can set the height for their condition.

An adjustable rear leg is important especially if you want them to use their legs even a little. You adjust the legs height so their feet can touch a little or a lot letting the wheelchair to take the pressure and stability.

These are the most common in our experience that need a wheelchair, but that does not let off all the other breeds. I don’t know of a small dog breed we haven’t sold one to. So take care of your dogs watch them for excessive jumping, stairs, and injuries and hopefully your dog won’t need one. 

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