5 Ways to Give Your Home a Personal Touch

by Art Gibb, freelance writer on behalf of of The Craft Room ( 21-Jun-2012 )

A home is more than just a place where one lives. It is a place that you’ve created to define your family and your personality. Our homes say a lot about us, sometimes too much, sometimes not enough. Adding a personal touch to your home will tell your guests about you and help remove any false assumptions. From something as simple as displaying your favorite inspiration prints to remodeling your kitchen, you are sure to find the right way to ensure your home portrays your personality well.


1. Let Your Walls Do the Talking

Adding decorations, whether elaborate or simple, is an easy way to show off your personality, family, and interests. Framed quotes on your walls can help express your views and give your guests a glimpse of who you are or what your family values. Pictures of your family or wholesale pictures of a variety of images that showcase your personality allow your walls to display an intimate side of you and your family.


2. Remodel

If you have rooms in your home that are giving the wrong impression of yourself or that fail to impress, you may find a remodel will give you the opportunity to express yourself through new designs. Adding new colors, inspiration prints, framed quotes, new architectural designs, and creating a space that functions to your needs can help you to create a place that perfectly suits your needs, desires, and creates a personal setting in your home.


3. Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Pictures capturing moments of your life help to tell stories that say great things about those who live in the home. Framed quotes with images or inspirational prints beside them in the frame will give your guests a chance to get to know you while being inspired during their visit. You can find wholesale pictures that will enhance the beauty of your home while displaying a part of your interests and a little insight into your thoughts.


4. What’s Your Style?

The best way to portray your personality and showcase your family in a way you won’t regret a few years down the road is to find what style of decorating suits you best. To do this you can browse through magazines or take online tests that may help you find which styles match your personality. Decorating with styles that match your personality will help you enjoy your home as well as impress your guests.


5. Display Your Likes

Displaying the things you like or the people you love will fill you with joy when you are in your home. Guests will be able to see the things you enjoy and they can easily learn a little about you. Showcasing your love of the outdoors is easy to do using wholesale pictures of animals and landscapes. If you like to remember the great men and women from our history, framed quotes or inspirational prints may be a great option for you.


These ideas can help you create a home you love and a place where your guests can learn about your family and their false assumptions will disappear.

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