Choosing the Perfect Wall Art

by Kathy of The Craft Room ( 17-Jun-2015 )

Choosing the Perfect Wall Art

by Kathy of Millwork Engineering DBA TrendyDecor4u

How do you choose the right art for your walls at home? Adding wall art can make a home more interesting, stimulate conversation, and add to the atmosphere of a home. Whatever your style is, there are certain absolutes that can help you to choose the right decor.

What is your color scheme? Look at the room as it is. Do you want to change the wall color or keep it the way it is and choose art that will match? Think this through first. A nuetral color like beige or any tone of white will accept about every kind of art without a problem. However, if the room is an intense color, art may not go with it unless you take care to match the colors.

You can pull up and image of framed art on our website, and hold your cell phone or I pad up to the wall to see how it will match colors. Once you have something that you believe will fit, you are almost there.

Make sure the art is the size you want. If you have a large space, some art is created in sets and by purchasing 3 or 4 compatible items; you can easily fill a wall space.
At this stage, it wouldn't hurt to measure the wall space and diagram how you would like the art to look on your wall. Make sure to leave room between the art and that 'negative' space should flow well in the overall pattern too.

Consider the artist. Do you like a specific artist and their work? Do you have a specific style of art you are looking for? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

Colors can be warm (red, orange, yellow) or cool (blue, green, some purples)....Do you want a passionate mood, a spiritual mood, or a restful, relaxed mood to the room? A sunny color is yellow, and a soothing, meditative color is is a healing, natural color, and purple and red are passionate consider the atmosphere you wish to create when considering art.

Trendy Decor 4 U offers a wide range of varied art from American artists, including our 'motivational' print series which is just perfect for a contemporary home or natural space....there is also kitchen, country, scenic, Americana, humorous, children's and whimsical art and 'fine' art to choose from.

Hopefully these tips will help you select the perfect art for your perfect living space.

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