Diabetes in Dogs And Cats

by Daviid L. Erlewin, DVM,MS of Westfield Animal Hospital ( 27-Apr-2017 )

General Information


  Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by a deficiency of insulin.  Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and is necessary for the body tissues to use blood sugar.  Without insulin, sugar remains in the blood and eventually passes into the urine.  This causes increased urine production and thirst.  HUnger increases because the body cannot use the sugar in the blood.As the disease progresses chemicals called ketones accumulate, resulting in vomiting and dehydration.  Eventually coma and death occurs.

What are the symptoms of Diabetes in my pet?

The symptoms of diabetes can vary from pet to pet.  If your pet dog or cat  has an excessive and frequent thirst for water, frequent urination along with a voracious appetite, it should be tested for diabetes.  Gradual weight loss and sudden onset of cataracts are reasons to have your pet tested.

Diabetes is not a curable disease, but with proper insulin administration, the disease can be controlled.

How can I find out if my pet has Diabetes?

A blood sample and a urine sample from your pet can help the veterinarian determine if your pet os diabetic or if the symptoms are due to some other cause.

How is Diabetes i my pet treated?

In most cases diabetes in your pet is treated with daily insulin injections and dietary changes.

Most patients do well after their insulin dose is regulated with peroidic monotoring.

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